Digital Literacies: Final Reflection

For my digital literacies pathway I chose the Tinkering path where I had to complete six different mini-assignments from the DS106 assignment bank. I chose assignments that would make me create different multimedia types using different applications/platforms, as my goal was to strengthen my Create and Innovate category level from my digital confidence profile (which you can see in this blogpost).

My favorite assignment was the one where I did the motivational poster (you can view it here) as I think it is the one I will benefit from the most since I wanted to do it for my photography blog. I also liked how I could check for the visual clarity of the text on my photograph by using this tool. The result was actually surprising for me because I really liked my first poster and I tried to choose the color of the text to be close to that of the shadows in the desert sand but the contrast combination failed in most of the texts indicating that it was not visually appealing. Since my content needs to be visually appealing, it’s important for me to use the contrast ratio to achieve that.

Overall, I enjoyed doing all of the assignments and I think that the tools I used were very useful to learn about. Most of them I used for the first time for these assignments so this made me acquire the basic skills for them. Now when I’m in a position where I need to create something similar to what I did, I will have the skills necessary to do so.

After completing these assignments I can say that my score on the Create and Innovate category level from my digital confidence profile would definitely go up if I were to do a new profile. I am surely more confident now in my ability to produce digital materials such as screen recordings, videos, GIFs, posters, etc. and became familiar with more editing tools. I am very happy with my progress. Something I could further improve would be to create audio clips, and use the tools I was introduced to to create more meaningful things, and become more digitally literate by knowing exactly when and why to use each multimedia type.

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