Digital Literacies: Tinkering Assignment 5

For my fifth assignment, I made a GIF of the weather. Here’s the link of the assignment, and here’s the GIF I made! 😊 I had never created a GIF before but it was very easy and fun!

It’s a video I took 8 years ago on a flight back from the US so excuse the bad quality. Yes, I could see lightning from the window, and it was scary. I had never seen lightning so clearly before; it’s not very clear in the GIF but the sky would suddenly illuminate and I would see the lightning bolts. I used GIPHY to do this. I created a new account and uploaded my video then chose the start and end of the GIF. I then had the option to add filters, effects, stickers, and so many other things. I added sticker of “surprised” Will Smith to represent my reaction at the time. Creating the GIF was easy, but I had trouble attaching it so I sought help from a friend who was more experienced with this online tool than I was. With their help I was finally able to add it to this post successfully.

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