Digital Literacies: Tinkering Assignment 3

The third assignment I chose was “Pop Star Out of Place” because I found it to be interesting and fun; I had to choose a picture of a pop star and put them in a place where I probably would never see them. The pop star I chose was Ariana Grande because she is one of my favorites, and I chose to put her in one of the alleys of Old Cairo because I do not think any celebrity would go there even if they visited Egypt. I got the picture of the alley from this link (Google Images Creative Commons) but unfortunately I could not find any pictures of Ariana Grande that were for creative commons use so this is the link I got the picture from and its citation: Kim, G. (2020). One tiny belt bag, one must-have element in Ariana Grande style. . Ariana Grande Style, Defined by 7 Outfits. I then used the online tool Remove Image Background to remove the background Ariana’s picture. Then, I used word document to combine both pictures by just placing them one over the other. The outcome was the following:

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