Digital Literacies: Tinkering Assignment 2

For my second assignment, I chose to create a motivational poster. You can view the assignment here. I have a photography blog (which you can check out here!) and I’ve always wanted to include motivational and inspirational quotes on my pictures to create posters but I didn’t know how to do it and didn’t have the time to learn, so I took this opportunity to do this! I chose one of my favorite photographs and I searched for motivational quotes online until I found one that I liked. I then researched the different ways you could add text over a picture and I found endless possibilities! I chose to do it using Canva as I already had the application downloaded (but never used) and heard many people say it was very easy and had very nice options. It took me some time to figure out how it worked but I was very impressed with the amount of templates and options it offered.

I tried to take into consideration whether the color of the text was visually appealing, and easily readable or not. Thus I used this online website to check for the contrast of my colors in the poster. I could not get the exact hex code of the background color as she shade varies, so I tried to choose something as close as possible. Turns out the results were bad!

So I went back to Canva and chose a darker color (almost black) to end up with a better contrast ratio which passed all of the tests as shown below:

Here’s the new poster, I also played around with the font a bit. Would love to know your feedback! 😊

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