Digital Literacies: Tinkering Assignment 1

For my first assignment, I chose to make a collage out of pictures of my dogs. You can view the assignment here. The collage I created is attached below. I chose cute/fun pictures for this. I love my dogs so when I saw this assignment I just knew I had to do it! I haven’t created any collages in years. I remember I used to make so many for my friends’ birthdays and I had an application specifically for it on my phone. I did this assignment on this online platform I came across. I visited different online platform for collages but I specifically liked this one because of how simple it was to use it and the options available. There were many collage layouts you could choose from, but an account was needed for most of them. I could also edit my pictures, add text, choose the background theme/texture and add some graphics. I enjoyed doing this and I am happy to have found an online tool that I can use directly whenever I want to do collages.

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