Digital Literacies: Introduction

Digital confidence profile

With the help of this website, I was able to build my digital confidence profile. Here it is:

Digital literacies vs. digital skills

I also read this article which explained the difference between digital literacies and digital skills. I really liked the article as it was simple and informative, and because I didn’t know the difference between them! Turns out digital skills are focused on the “what” and “how”, while digital literacies are focused on the “why”, “when”, “who” and “for who”. For example, knowing how to choose a picture from your gallery and posting it on a social media platform (for example; Instagram) is a digital skill, while knowing why you’re posting it, when to post it, where to post it (which social media platform), the privacy risks associated with you posting it, and so on is a digital literacy. Even though I did not know the difference between the two terms, I know elements from both, from my personal experience. However, not everyone does, so I believe it is important that people are taught the skills to use different platforms, but more importantly when, why, and who we use these platforms for (the digital literacies for it).

My goals for this semester

Based on my digital profile above, the thing that I need to improve the most is the “Create and Innovate” category. I have not created any videos, designs, posters or anything of that type before, and so I want to learn about the different tools that I can use for this, and the skills associated with it. My area of strength is in the “Teach and Learn” category as I am confident with my skills and am digitally literate in this area. This is because I have used so many platforms over the years to complete my work for school then university. The rest of the categories are average, I believe because I am pretty confident with the skills associated with it but I am not digitally literate in these areas.

Thus, my goal would be to work more on improving my creation and innovation by trying to create creative things through different multimedia types and learning about the different platforms that I can use to do this. With that being said, I choose the Tinkering Path as I want more hands-on experience and want to explore different tasks that will allow me to use my creativity and create something I haven’t done before in a fun way.

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