Self development reflection #1

I have been doing the gratitude log for two weeks now. I chose to do the gratitude log because I always heard that it helped you appreciate the good things in life and look for the positives instead of the negatives, even if you don’t see them. Thus, I wanted to try this for myself, to see whether it actually makes a difference. I haven’t been really consistent during these two weeks as I had a lot of submissions and exams so I was always in a rush to finish my work and didn’t really take the time to do it properly. But when I would actually make the time to sit and reflect about my day, I felt a difference between when I wouldn’t do the gratitude log. I would feel more light, like some weight has been lifted off because I realize that no matter how bad it is, there’s always one little thing to be grateful about. Just trying to think about the positives makes me feel more optimistic and motivated to carry on with my work the following day. However, I feel it’s more than just the idea of a gratitude journal that improves your day. Just forgetting everything you’re worrying/stressed about and allocating a time for yourself everyday where you’re just doing something you love really helps to boost your mood. Thus, for the following weeks, I have decided to allocate some time (around one hour) every day where I’ll be doing my gratitude log along with something that makes me happy and helps me relax. This will be a challenge as I still have so many things I need to do (even more than the past weeks) but I really wish I can do this every day as I now know the impact it has on me, so I will try to be as committed as possible.

One thought on “Self development reflection #1

  1. hi Yasmina – this sounds lovely. To make sure you spend time doing something you love, along with the gratitude journal. What are some of those things? Calling a friend, making art, taking a walk, listening to music, eating a treat, watching a show you like? Lots of these are accessible but sometimes we go for days without doing them. I ask my daughter some mornings “what would make today great?” and she can only say one thing, and we try hard to make that one thing work that day.


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